Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Gone Fishin (or Synthesizing)

Hope everyone's been doing well out there. As you might have noticed, there haven't been any posts here for a few months; I'm pretty much done with blogging graphene literature for a while. I learned a lot about graphenes and about reading/understanding literature, and I appreciate everyone coming to check it out. If anyone would like to use my platform to write similar research reviews, please feel free to email me at RobWtzl@gmail.com.

Thanks again to everyone who came and read some stuff, and thanks especially to the kind folks at Carbon-Based Curiosities, Research Blogging, The Chem Blog, and Blogger for providing publicity, inspiration, and technical support.


ruan said...

Thank you very much for such useful lituratures of graphene material. For the synthesis method of graphene from graphene oxide, I know that Hydrazine is a very toxic material. So that for large-scale production of graphene, does this problem cause harmful to our environment? Is there any chemical species that could replace Hydrazine?

Rob W said...

Hydrazine is indeed nasty stuff, and supposedly it can leave nitrogen-containing dopants in the graphene film, really messing with the electrical properties. Simply using heat (700-1100 C) might be enough to reduce graphene oxide back to graphene; here is a summary of such a paper by Chen et al.

I think that Walter de Heer is also fooling about with reducing graphene oxide by heat.